About Genematics Scientific

Genematics Scientific aims to help life science researchers and medical specialists to discover, interpret and communicate valuable patterns in biological data. Our software combines the recovery of data from public scientific resources with instant interpretation. It does so in such a way that the expert only needs a few seconds instead of hours or even days to retrieve answers from the available biological data. Use of our software should accelerate the research for new drugs, new treatments and other innovations in health-related research to build a better tomorrow.

Meet the Genematics Scientific team

Patrick Croonen

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder and AI enthousiast.

Graduated in the field of Bioinformatics and Medical Biology.

Levi Kuperus

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder and hardware enthousiast.

Expert in Bioinformatics, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.

Joël te Wierik


Graphics and visual enthousiast.

Specialist in biomedical imaging and AI for life sciences and healthcare.

Renée Duijzer

Medical Advisor

Enthousiast in clinical research.

Graduated in Medicine from the University of Leiden.

Genematics Scientific board of advisors

Dr. Christof Francke


Dr. Christof Francke is currently Associate Lector at the HAN BioCentre for the Bioinformatics group. He recieved his PhD in the field of Biophysics.

Dr. Philip de Groot


Dr. Philip de Groot has founded R-Consultancy based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. He recieved his PhD in Chemometrics at the Radboud University.
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