Large scale analysis for genomics.

Predict instantly the effect of a certain mutation inside the DNA

A new definition for bioinformatics.

By default the Genematics platform enables researchers to manage and share their biological data efficiently. Request an analysis and within seconds you will recieve your generated information report or visualization.

Genematics uses machine learning and deep learning to perform multiple analysis such as the personalized drug suggestion module. By learning from the existing data and new data the Genematics platform performs better each time you will run it.

The field of ~Omics, and thus Genomics is growing at an unbelievable pace. Genematics makes it easer to find information about new findings and present them in a comprehensive report with key features aready marked for you.

Our solution

Genematics is the complete solution for ~omic data insight retrieval. We pursue to find new and more information that is hidden in all available biological big data.

Why Genematics for Genomics.

Suitable for any researcher

Store and curate, manage and browse your genomics data and metadata. Explore the findings and gain valuable insights.

Access your data anywhere

Access your pharmacology and drug data anywhere in the world thanks to our secure cloud application. Just log-in through our sign-in interface and continue your work.

Easy report generation

Analyse your data using a wide range of customisable tools and pipelines for processing WGS, WES, RNA-seq, microarray data and more.

Work seamless with your team

Use the full suite of interactive visual applications to interpret your results or instantly filter them to find the desired data.