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Each year the growth of biological and medical data is increasing in a rapid pace.
With the increase in volume many new possibilties come around. We can predict the effectiveness of new drugs, find new and better treatments and reduce costs in current healthcare systems. However, good equipment and knowledge to process al these data is lacking and only available for highly skilled data scientists. With Genematics Cloud we make the knowledge of tomorrow available for every researcher, medical specialist and students so everybody benefits from big data in life sciences and healthcare.

Search interface of Genematics Cloud.
Search through scientific documents with ease
Manual searching through public databases such as NCBI PubMed, RefSeq and Uniprot can be a challenge. With Genematics Cloud you can search through millions of scientific and clinical documents in seconds.

We have developed multiple integration modules for popular resources such as PubMed, PubChem, Toxnet and of course Wikipedia. Just select your source(s) and we connect everything in your workspace.

Annotate your documents on the fly

Ever experienced annotating documents for your proposal, research or an on-going project? We know the feeling. Therefore, meet Harvey, our intelligent brain behind Genematics AI. With the Genematics Cloud Platform you can process a single, or even a batch of scientific papers and let them be annotated automatically. Define your own categories or select a predefined list we have made for you. Harvey will highlight specific parts in the given papers that relates to your requested category just in a couple of seconds.
Even annotate specific sections on your x-ray

At Genematics we primarly focus on annotating textual documents. However, in some cases you need to get some information from your images. Therefore, we taught Harvey to understand x-ray images. Select an area on the image and Harvey will try to find relevant information for you.

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Personalized services: Customization options, training courses, implementation and integrations.
Unlimited support on business days

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