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Innovative Science


At Genematics, data science and its intepretation is at the core of everything we do. But more than visualization and intepretation, data science is who we are.

Modulair Discovery Platform

With our intuative cloud platform any research institute can perform enterprise big data analysis on their biological data. Engineered for Genomics, Medicine, Pharmacology and Agro Sciences, but applicable for any field.

Data Management

Store, manage en curate your own biological data private or publically. Get insight in your own data and metadata directly, anywhere.

Intuative Framework

Start using Genematics without large manuals te begin with. Our intuative design understands natural analysis processing.

Report Generation

Save your information convenient in a generated pdf report for your new or ongoing research. Instantly shareable with your research team.

Cloud Based Platform

Start your research anywhere with use of our cloud powered platform. No need anymore for expensive workstations or devices.

Strong Security

Security is our top priority and therefore the complete platform and website have undergone strict security validation.

Trend Explorer

Find instantly new scientific trends within our platform without even active searching. Your daily collection of new external insights.


Genematics delivers flexibility and integration possibilities with the systems you are currently used systems

Visual Analytics

Analyse and visualize a wide range of data formats directly in your browser to discover new information.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate easily with all of your team members in the organization. Share documents safely between groups and members.

Custom Genomic solutions

Our cloud platform can be part of your organization. Hosted at your own server infrastructure.

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Accelerate your Research

The Genematics cloud platform enables researchers to get in depth insights in their own private data. With smart technologies and statistics powerfull analysis can be performed in a blank of the eye. We have for example develop a unique Genematics ORF (open reading frame) discovery module for genomic researhers.. This module provides the identification of novel genes for known and unknown organisms. The predicated ORFs are compared with our own local prorietary (and recent) protein database to identify genes with high accuracy. 

For specialists in healthcare, Genematics provides personalized medicine suggestions based on known biological data and parameters of the given patient. New insights provide better therapy opportunities, lower healtcare costs and better patient satisfaction.

We’d love to hear from your organization in how we can help accelerate your research. 

The Genematics team.


With our platform we collaborate with multiple companies to deliver reliabillty, security and speed to different organizations around the globe. Accelerating genomic research around the enitre globe.

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