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The world’s scientific knowledge in one place

Genematics aims to help life science researchers and medical specialists to discover, interpret and communicate valuable patterns in biological data. Our software combines the recovery of data from public scientific resources with instant interpretation. It does so in such a way that the expert only needs a few seconds instead of hours or even days to retrieve answers from the available biological data. Use of our software should accelerate the research for new drugs, new treatments and other innovations in health-related research to build a better tomorrow.

We’re on a mission to transform science.

With accelerated insights in the world’s publically available scientific knowledge, scientists can improve their ongoing research with new information that could lead to more or improved results. Together we can make a difference to transform science.

Find Scientific Information Fast

Manual literature research can be time consuming and prone for errors as not all available data can be assesed. As scientific data is growing each year the urge for automatic data retrieval systems is growing. That is why Genematics Cloud offers easy retrieval of requested information through our big data platform that has integrations with large publicly available databases such as PubMed, Toxnet, Uniprot and more.

Annotate Scientific Papers with AI

Meet Harvey, our intelligent brain behind Genematics AI. With Genematics Cloud you can process a single, or even a batch of scientific papers and let them be annotated automatically. Define your categories or select a predefined list and Harvey will highlight specific parts in the given papers that relates to your requested category.

Annotate Scientific Text

Intuative Data Management

Manage large quantities of data with ease. Genematics Cloud accepts industry standards suchs as plain text files, genomic files such as GFF, Fasta and VCF and even SQL databases.

Secure Integration with Private Data

Ensure strict security with our platform through encrypted communications with our server and on-premise instances, add digital signatures and sign-in with two-factor authorization.

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